Find Your Skin Type

Your skin type is most likely:



  • Your skin is easily irritated or reddened, especially with new products or ingredients with fragrance

  • You struggle with skin conditions like psoriasis, rosacea, and/or eczema


  • You notice excess oil or grease throughout the day without strenuous activity (sweat inducing)

  • Your pores are large and visible

  • You experience breakouts consistently 


  • If areas of your face contrast in condition at the same time (ex: oily forehead, dry cheeks, sensitive chin)

  • Pores are visible, especially in T-zone (full forehead to tip of you nose and cheeks)


  • You don't need to constantly reapply moisturizer or clean off oil

  • You rarely experience breakouts (this excludes irritation or allergic reactions)


  • You experience dryness or flaky skin prior to washing and moisturizing; can be determined after washing as well

  • Your skin feels tight and/or itchy

  • You rarely experience oil or moisture on the skin midday