Are these products for facial use only?

  • Nope! Every product is made with natural ingredients that are safe for your face and full body. Just remember to go from head to toe.

How do I use the soap bar?

  • We recommend that you use your bar(s) twice a day on your face. Once in the morning and once at night to help with healing during sleep. Once your skin adjust to the product, you can decrease the amount of use to once a day (if using more than one bar).
  • Apply products in circular motions, leave on for at least 1 minute, wash and repeat (if using more than one bar)

How often should I use the sugar scrub?

  • Please note that exfoliation is the process of stripping away dead skin and is very abrasive. We recommend using scrubs TWICE a week at most. 

What products are best for my skin?

  • A product description is under each item which describes the potential benefits to your skin. Following this, there is a section titled "Best For", which tells which skin type it's best for.

Can I use with other brands?

  • Of course! We don't want you to stop using what's been working for you, we would like to work WITH you. Please note that results may very depending on what other products you use. 
  • A benefit of our products is less time in the mirror: we don't have 3 step products, entire lines to purchase, or required,  drug out treatments. Our CEO uses a total of 3 products max during her daily self care time with a few added steps during days she has down time.

 Product Shipping, Returns, and Refunds


We understand your excitement to use your products and appreciate your business. For that reason, we have a standard shipping rate of 7 days, meaning we will place it in the mail within 7 days of your order and from there you will receive your package in a timely manner. We will send confirmation of shipment via email with a tracking number attached. Please review the tracking number and call your local USPS for product status. You may also reach out to us here to keep an open line of communication so any issues can be resolved. Make sure to double check your shipping address before confirming your order. If for any reason you need to make a change to the shipping address, please reach out via social media or email within 48 hours of purchase. If package is returned due to incorrect address, a shipping fee will be assessed.



BLKSUN does not accept return of products due to sanitary purposes. If for any reason you receive the wrong order or soap- it is 100% our loss meaning we will produce and ship the correct item free of charge. Please be respectful of our efforts and honest about the mistake. We can see what was ordered and have the right to terminate producing and fulfilling any future orders placed.



We acknowledge our mistakes and value customer satisfaction, but refunds will not be issued unless special circumstances arise. Please make sure to read product descriptions, FAQs and ask questions via listed platforms to ensure your purchase is accurate. As stated before, duration of results may vary, so patience is key! We assure you that our products will work to help fight many skin issues you may have.