CEO and Brand Creation

Meet the Creator:

It's Me! Tanajah, the CEO of BLKSUN Skincare. During my junior year of college of studying Developmental Psychology, I started to learn the connection between mental health and appearance. It sparked the interest of involving myself in the field of health and beauty. Connecting the dots between how you look and feel, even when you're not at your best is important which is one reason this brand was created. Also the lack of inclusion within the skin care community from biological differences to culture and racial variations pushed me to become involved.  There weren't any natural products that followed through with "helping" treat oily skin either. I decided, after failed attempts of healing acne scars, white heads, black heads, and enlarged pores, that I would make *base products that last. Within a week of using the turmeric honey and aloe lemon, I saw results! That's when I knew this had to be shared with the world.

*items without strong, lingering smells that allow layering.

Brand Creation:

Our name BLKSUN has many meanings, so instead of sharing exactly why we chose that, I wanted people to positively interpret what that means to them.  Just like the sun, we radiate energy which is where our slogan "The Skin Matches the Energy" came from. When you look good, you feel good and produce more positivity around you. IF you don't believe it, on a day you feel great, notice how everything around you seems to be amazing. Even the tiniest things are close to perfect.